AVEEssex County K9 Services is owned and operated by David Walsh. Dave, along with his wife Fern, opened the doors to the training facility in November 2008.

Dave has been training dogs for years and has an abundance of experience dealing with different breeds. We are not "text book" trainers and since opening we have seen thousands of dogs come through our door. In fact, many dog trainers come to us for help when they run out options dealing with difficult dogs.

 “The more you work with your dog, the more you will get out of your dog and the deeper the bond between dog and handler will be.” Dave loves working with and teaching about his passion, which of course, is dogs.

Dave's belief is that you can never have enough knowledge and if a trainer says they “know everything about dogs”, they are closed minded and not willing to learn. Dave is always eager to learn new things and pass them onto his students. He will tell you that he learns every time he steps onto the field. His knowledge base extends from basic obedience training to advanced stability as well as scent and tracking. Dave still actively attends training seminars across Canada and the United States and is always updating his knowledge to pass on to his students and assistants.

Fern apprenticed under Dave for years before starting to teach the basic obedience classes. She now handles all basic classes as well as all administration for the company.


We have often been the "last stop" for many dogs that have shown aggressive behaviours. We are proud to have helped rehabilitate many of these wonderful dogs who simply needed direction and understanding.

2023 will mark our 15th year in business. Over the course of those years we have grown the company into 3 divisions. Our training has grown to include many assistant trainers as well as classes almost every day of the week. We are also the authorized dealer for DogWatch Hidden Fences for this area up to and including London, Sarnia etc. In our opinion, this hidden fence brand is the best and safest on the market and we use it on our own dogs. We only sell or put our name behind the best products out there and DogWatch is no exception.

The third division of our business is Animal Care and Control. As animal control Officers/Provincial Offences Officers, we offer our professional services to the towns of Essex, Lakeshore, LaSalle, Tecumseh,  Kingsville and Leamington. Our officers are professionally trained and educated in animal care and control and are always attending courses to further education and expand knowledge to ensure the residents and animals of the areas we cover always receive the best care available.

Between all 3 divisions, we and our staff are available 24 hrs and day, 365 days a year to help our clients, residents of Essex County and of course the animals that we come in contact with and those that need our care, assistance and a gentle helping hand.


We are conveniently located in downtown Essex. Serving all communities of Essex County including Windsor, Lakeshore, Amherstburg, Harrow, Leamington, Cottam, Comber, Tecumseh, Kingsville, McGregor, Woodslee, Wheatley, Staples, and Essex.


Many of our clients travel to train with us. We have many clients from London, Toronto, Walpole Island, Chatham, Tilbury as well as from the US.

Our Services

  • Complete dog training for all breeds, all ages and all levels

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking/SAR

  • Private or group sessions available

  • Specializing in solving problem behaviours including aggression